Search engine optimization in Nepal is not as easy as many people think. Finding a reputable SEO firm that delivers effective results that last can be a daunting task. Nevertheless, our company does not only promise to deliver results on search engine and on-page optimization but also gives you lasting solutions to beat all your rivals. Depending on what you would like, whether local in Nepal or international search engine optimization, we are always dedicated to give you better results and quality for your money.

We Use Legitimate Methods That Work

The first reason why you should choose our SEO Company for all your website needs is because we use white hat and organic techniques to enhance a website’s ranking. Among the white hat techniques that we use include organic on page SEO, social media marketing and back linking campaigns.

We Are the Nepal Post of SEO – We Deliver

SEO Expert NepalThe other reason why it will be beneficial for you to use our website optimization services is because we have worked with hundreds of websites before and delivered great results on thousands of keywords. These sites are still highly ranked in search engines to this date and continue to enjoy the benefits of increased online traffic through SEO. We rank websites high and maintain their ranking for the long term. We deliver results.

Experience and Knowledge

We have been in the search engine optimization market since 2011 and understand what a website needs to gain these rankings to get visitors and increase revenue. Throughout this period, our highly trained and qualified personnel have perfected techniques which your business can benefit from. We are also across the latest updates and effective techniques to ensure your site doesn’t drop in rankings, as many businesses have experienced in the past few years. Through this, we have successfully been able to rank sites highly in search engines for years.

If We Don’t Increase Your Revenue, We Don’t Want Your Money

We understand that service is paramount, and we do everything in our power to under promise and over deliver. We want happy clients – otherwise what is the point. If you are not making money, we shouldn’t be making money from you. This is why we work on a performance basis – you only pay when you get rankings. If you don’t rank on page 1 – you don’t pay.

The Guide on Hiring a Google SEO Specialist

SEO Expert NepalLooking for a consultant that’s a Google SEO expert, but don’t know really the industry? Do you want to be prepared for the BS sales pitch most will give you? This article explains some key points and can be used as your guide for hiring an SEO specialist.

Search Engine Optimization it is currently in demand across multiple industries, and it does work when executed correctly. A few years ago, I was having some beers with another SEO consultant based on the north side of Nepal. Stewart said to me “Rajan, to me hiring an SEO consultant is like going to a doctor, but for your business. You don’t want to visit the wrong doctor, do you?” Stewart wasn’t far from the truth, and you will see why throughout this article.

Before I continue, this industry has some common acronyms that should be explained. Here are the four basic ones you must be familiar with.

What is Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO

Black-Hat-SEO-NepalBlack Hat SEO is all about testing the algorithm outside the boundaries, not following the rules and going against the grain. Black Hat SEO is extremely important to understand and practice on testing websites, affiliate websites and information sites. Nobody in the professional world would, or should, practice this on a client.

Think of Black Hat SEO as the method that define the boundaries White Hat SEO follows. Let’s face it, without poking holes at Googles almighty algorithm, how will they come up with filters like Penguin and Panda? These filters are stepping stones to creating a filtered semantic web, which is essentially leading to sentence learning and AI.

White Hat SEO

White-Hat-SEO-nepalWhite Hat SEO is really following the rules and guidelines, feeding them machine. However, a good White Hat SEO will refine that process and open up more time to extend and test what hasn’t been done before. This is where a lot of SEOs will try and move you into optimizing the experience of your website, the design, mobile functionality, content marketing, site architecture, user navigation and semantic relevance to search bots.

Think of White Hat SEO as a process to assist search engines and deliver the best possible result, with the intention for it last long term. This is the ethical side of SEO.

While contracting a SEO advisor it’s great to see whether they’re conversant in the two universes, however just practice white cap procedures on customers.

In the event that a specialist concedes they rehearse dark cap on associate locales, you’re on a decent way. On the off chance that they confess to utilizing “dark cap” techniques, question that since it by and large means they’re utilizing a mix of the two universes, which can be a bet in the long haul.

In the event that a specialist will conspicuously disclose to you that Black Hat SEO doesn’t work, at that point they’re bad. Dark Hat SEO works, just not for long. You can rank a site with an extremely focused term utilizing dark cap techniques, yet don’t anticipate that it will last over 3 months. Google algorithmic punishments are getting more astute and grabbing spam a great deal quicker than a couple of years back.

The most grounded counsel I can give is you is asking for some sort of affirmation from your adviser that isn’t AdWords related. This can either be a Google Certificate, Business/Marketing Courses or to demonstrate you and clarify how they function with Google, or Bing, to bring a customer a positive outcome.

How long does it really take for SEO?

This truly depends on your industry, and anybody that gives you a vanilla enhanced bundle as an attempt to close the deal amid the initial 10 mins ought to be overlooked. A strong SEO specialist will require anyplace between 4 months to a year for you to begin seeing footing with your site.

If you are someone that is inpatient with SEO, you’re most likely going to hop around all the agencies and consultant in Nepal, never get anywhere and wonder why you can’t rank. Also keep in mind that professionals will generally collaborate with each other, and work together at some stage. So hopping around only creates a reputation for yourself, not the agency or consultant.

I’m very open with all my clients and explain that “although I won’t lock you into a contract, you should stay with me for at least 6 months before making any decision to move forward.” A very small percentage move on, they end up investing in me, not my skill set.

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