What is SEO?

SEO (Search engine optimization) is all about getting the best result possible in Google and other search engines like yahoo, bing and so on. But…you have to work to be No. 1 in the page ranking.
When you do a search in Google or other search engine, it uses key words located within your site’s content and source code. You are then provided with a list of possible sites that include the key words you’ve requested with each recommendation incorporating a page heading, a site description and a website link. These are referred to as META tags.

All WordPress websites that I create include the All In One SEO plugin. Although this plugin creates META tags automatically, I generally override the title and set the META description and META keywords that I want rather than having unfinished or random sentences taken from the first sentence or two that sometimes miss the complete explanation of the page’s content. I ensure that as many as possible of these keywords or phrases appear in the content of the website, within page names, and hidden in the images used within the website, helping to boost your ranking in search engines.

Boosting your ranking takes time and isn’t a given. You need to keep working at it. Make sure you are constantly updating information on your website through news items, a blog or adding new pages. Google comes back and checks for updated content. Link pages from within your site to social media and grow your traffic. More people visiting your site will help push your ranking up so advertise your website wherever possible.

Why is SEO important for business?

Here are reasons why your business needs to get on board with SEO expert Nepal:


SEO is the inbound marketing. It’s preferable above other types of offline advertising as it rewards you for the effort you put into it. It can also work out more cost-effective than other forms of online marketing like social media marketing and email marketing.

SEO is also favorable because it’s largely invisible so it doesn’t irritate the consumer by interrupting them while they’re streaming films or music, or taking over the page while they’re reading a news article.

Instead, it simply makes your product and services available to customers when they need them.

SEO does the hard part for you by getting potential customers through the door – it’s then your job to convince them that you’re the best business to fulfil their needs.


We know that Google rules in terms of SEO. The search engine holds credibility and users trust the results that Google returns to them. Whether it is consciously or not, users will take note of where your business ranks in the search engine results pages (SERPs) and reward that confidence to those who rank highest.


If your site isn’t optimized, it is simply much more difficult for customers to find you- and you’ll have no chance of attracting those who aren’t actively looking in your way of direction.

So, it’s very much important to use keyword researches to ensure any traffic coming your way is already looking for the kind of content you’re providing.


SEO is a long-term commitment and in order to see true success from it you need to continue to focus and monitor and tweak your efforts. Google Analytics is an invaluable SEO tool as it allows you to analyze the traffic coming to your website and monitor the entire purchasing funnel. The application shows you everything you would need to know about your visitors, including how they’re searching and where they are searching from, what language they speak and when they are most active online.

Why choose Rajan Paudel as SEO consultant?

My name is Rajan Paudel I am an SEO expert, I have been working in the SEO company as a specialist consultant since 2014. I have seen a lot of things in this country and the one thing that seems to happen more than it should, is due to the high demand for SEO services, some SEO companies are tempted to bite off more than they can chew.

This is why I take on only a few number of clients at one time, ensuring my clients get what they are paying for, namely quality service.

You simply cannot trust a company that is up against it from the outset. This is something that your business just cannot afford to do, so I know how you feel if this has been your experience with search engine optimization companies. It is no surprise to many that the science of SEO has become more difficult to master. Once the domain of just pure hard work, the top positions in the SERPS (search engine results pages) are difficult when Google refuse to tell you what it is exactly they want your website to do. Here is where my industry, insider knowledge comes into play.

Acting independent of any out dated company policies and SEO techniques, I am in the right position of being able to respond quickly to change and in many occassions, anticipate the next moves the search engines are going to make, which brings the obvious advantages to your business bottom-line.

My story begins with SEO in the Summer of 2013 when the demand to promote a digital information product landed fair and square on my desk and I had to figure out the best way to get traffic to this product for the best possible chance at developing sales for the target market.

In 2013 the way SEO was done had a lot to do with publishing a lot of articles in directories around the internet and this was seen by Google as an acceptable way of producing great content and at the same time getting the all-important back links or inbound links for your website. The more you did this, the better your rankings would become higher. Once White Hat SEO technique is frowned upon by Google and is considered a black hat technique.

Over the time of doing mainly my own SEO for my own business ventures, I was approached by my friends and business owners to help them do the same with their rankings. Since then I have been involved in helping businesses achieve higher profits through not only just driving in additional traffic to their sites but also helping them with conversation optimization as well.

Seo Expert Nepal

Today in order to rank well in the organic search listings your website needs to have certain significant features that make it a suitable candidate. Basically, Google presume your site worthy if you have been able to demonstrate some level of authority in your industry. Too bad if you are a new business or website, without this history you are consigned to the pages beyond page 1 in most cases. Google’s guidelines are very strict on what you can and can’t do in the SEO efforts you may choose to employ and a lot of business owners feel overly suspicious even thinking about seo and back linking let alone try it out for fear of a Google penalty. The only issue with this approach is that to remain in the pages of 2 and beyond, you are actually getting an automatic self-imposed penalty by not doing any SEO of your website. The approach to just create great content as your only means to ranking is a virtual fallacy. Back links remain the prime stay of the power of SEO which is driven by the Google algorithm itself. Google are very heavy handed if you get the back-link process wrong and it is now much more difficult and time consuming to set up your SEO to its best long-term effects for your websites, whether it be a new domain or an old authority site.

Being able to work SEO to your business’ advantage is and always will be a major traffic generator that you need to seek, that is as long as Google remains the top in the search engine game.

More important than how good your website looks and works; is how well will it perform on search engine outcomes? Will prospective customers be able to find it? Did you know that about 90% of all searches never look beyond the first page? When appearing beyond third page in search results some businesses may be better off not having a website and saving their money, instead of how nice the website may look or work!

Seo Expert Nepal

SEO Expert Nepal

I’m Rajan Paudel SEO Expert Nepal  since 2012 I have been working hard to bring traditional businesses more by getting them found online. As a Search Engine Optimization expert, I help business to figure out the complexities of search algorithms and then help them to align their websites so that these factors are incorporated into their online marketing. As the owner of a well establishment Web Design and SEO Company I also have the capability to produce the websites and associated technologies to support best SEO practices and work with clients all over Nepal. How we work is that Me and my team are highly trained to look deep and wide into the technical components of your website and analyze it for weakness of your website. We also look at the market at a whole and see from a competition point of view what are the short term and long-term opportunities. Then we set out a plan which has both immediate and long-term focus and deliver the required scope of works. From the very first day we analyze everything to make SEO better for your website. We use analytics and unique phone numbers on all our websites. The key metrics we measure are Rankings, Website Visitors, Enquiry form completions and Phone Calls. We don’t guess whether a campaign is working or not We KNOW – and so will you.

My SEO Services are NOT suitable for you if:

  • You aren’t willing to spend a little money to build a long term reliable term of generating leads
  • You want to be trained to do internet marketing in home.
  • You are looking for the low-cost provider not the best
  • You can’t act on information and unwilling to take an advice
  • You are already in a location where I’m ranking another company. I only accept one client in a given market, per city.